Cortison Injections

If you suffer from heel pain in Ancaster, Dundas or Hamilton, you may want to try a Cortisone Injection.

What Is a cortisone injection and how does it work?

Cortisone is a natural hormone that the adrenal gland produces when a person feels stressed. A synthetic version of this hormone may be injected directly into the affected area or in the side of the heel. ​Cortisone injections are very helpful in temporarily relieving or managing heel pain caused by chronic plantar fasciitis by reducing inflammation. The pain will begin to subside within a few days after the Cortisone injection and may last up to a few weeks and sometimes even a few months.

Cortisone injections are performed in-office and do not require any local anesthetic.

It is important to exhaust all other non-invasive treatment option before considering cortisone injections.